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Barendonk Holsteins

The dairy farm comprises 130 milking cows and 90 young stock. We built the free-stall barn in 1979, and expanded it in 1988 and again in 2005 to a total of 135 cubicles, with R-shaped posts and fitted with mattresses. The ventilation is regulated by an automatic weather station, which opens or closes the curtain automatically. During hot and/or moist days we use four large ventilators for extra cooling. Since May 2005 we milk our cows using two Lely robotic milkers. Since 2012 we started testing CRV heifers.

LABOUR: Jan, Liesbeth and their children Ivo, Tessa and Jens.
They also regularly have a trainee.

Milkquota: 1,334,000kg of milk with a fat reference of 4.10%

Average Production

Year Age Days Kg Milk % Fat % Protein
2013 3.09 360 10,826 4,36 3,57
2012 3.08 368 11,287 4.30 3,56
2011 3.06 375 11,944 4.11 3.55

Average Conformation

Frame Dairy strength Udder Feet & Legs Final score
Heifers 85.5 85.1 84.7 83.6 85.0
2nd calvers 89.0 90.0 87.3 88.0 88.3
Older cows 89.3 90.9 90.3 88.3 89.9
Overall 85.9 85.8 85.2 84.1 85.2

Number of Cows

140 head including daughters of Classic, Fidelity, Tequila, Award Rf, Spencer, Twister, Kian, Fabian, Stadel, Curtis, Man-O-Man, Legend, O Man, Jotan etc.

Number of young stock

0 to 1 year old: 63 head, 1 to 2 years old: 57 head Including daughters of Classic, Fidelity, Spencer, Kylian, Curtis, Kodak, Atlantic, Jotan, Acme and Kanu P.

Sires used in the past

Stadel, Kian, Talent, Classic, Fabian, Lightning, Twister, Spencer, Tequila, Destry, Zabing and Savard.

Current service sires

Test bulls, including Colorado, Award Rf, Ironic Rf, Blanco P Rf and Nano P.


80 hectares
56 hectares
17 hectares
growing maize
7 hectares
tree nursery

Feeding regime

Jan and Liesbeth Hermanussen

Summer and winter: 50% of maize silage, 50% of grass silage, 3 kg wheat yeast, 2 kg size flour and concentrates via the automatic feed dispenser in the milking robot. The cows are inside all year round.

Young stock rearing

Young Stock

For the first 14 days the calves are housed individually. After the individual housing calves are housed for 2 months in groups with an automatic drinking system. After two months they are housed on straw in an open-front barn. After this the young stock is housed in cubicles in the free-stall barn.

Milking parlour


Two Lely A2 robotic milking systems.

Interesting Facts

  • On regular basis we have embryos and bulls for sale from our best cow families.
  • We are happy to take part in shows like the NRM, HHH, Cow-Expo and several regional shows. Highlights include participation in European Championships and several championship titles.
  • Proven bulls we have bred include Barendonk Hattrick, Barendonk Red Spirit, Barendonk Trendsetter, Barendonk Famous.
Team Hermanussen 2014

We also offer accommodation in the form of a farmer’s hotel, hikers’ cabins, a hay hotel (sleeping in a hay loft) and two group accommodation facilities, for meetings and overnight stays.

CRV test farm

We like to breed a good cow with functional conformation. We are paying a lot of attention to feet and legs and udders. A cow that can eat a lot will also give a lot of milk and will last a long time in the milking herd. With the arrival of Delta heifers on the farm, a new dimension is added to the love for breeding. Already 12 Delta heifers are now donor. The heifers score high lactation values and show also good health characteristics. The somatic cell count is remarkably low and claw health is good. Every week cows are flushed now on farm Barendonk Holsteins.

With testing the CRV heifers, also heifers are introduced without horns: Huijben Asterix Hennie 7337 Pp from Fasna Asterix and Delta Juliëtte Pp from Legend. “It is a good development” means Jan. “Animal welfare will become very important in the future, also in the dairy industry. Dehorning can disrupt the rearing period.”

We like a beautiful, productive and healthy cow, because they are easy to work with and last long!

Genomic selection and InSire bulls
We regularly use Insire bulls, but we do not use more than five straws per bull to spread risk. We consider genomic selection as an additional tool in the search for the best bull and bull dam.
We use SiryX semen occasionally on a good cow.

Information products
Every four weeks we have milk recording and besides that we have our cows classified.


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Barendonk Holsteins

Barendonk Holsteins

Hermanussen Family

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